Phases of Your Moon

As someone whose life more or less depends on self-identify, I'm not exactly 'new' to the concept of reinvention. As you are new to the idea of self-identification and the forming of one's personality, I will take you on a journey of your life, through phases of the moon. Try to stay calm as we begin.

• Your Birth
aka, the moon in its 'new' form.

Congratulations! You're born! Welcome to the beautiful world of pain, confusion and heartache. You are 10 years old: the world at your feet. You are yet to care about anything, really. A clean slate with nothing to work or achieve from! 
Your journey begins from this day.

• Phase 2: Scene Queen
aka, the moon in its 'young' form.

You are suddenly transformed into a Hello Kitty loving, random, pre-teen, which can go two ways next to none. Either you continue your identity of "L-O-L! RAWR!!" with colourful plastic beads, or you lose or sense of self. Which do you choose?

• Phase Three: Unapproachable Emo Teen
aka, the moon in its 'waxing crescent' form.

Yikes. You've discovered black lipstick, eyeliner, and evidently... My Chemical Romance. You are ultimately disgusted by your previous love for Blood On The Dance Floor, and are ready to forget that form of self-identification in your life. Steady on there, friend, that charcoal around your eyes won't last forever.

• Reborn
aka, the moon in its 'waxing quarter' form.

Here you are. You're halfway through your life, and nothing seems right yet. You like all types of music, you dress 'normally' & you don't have any 'special' talents; you're just authentically you. Phase Five may seem completely different, but you're happy with yourself at the moment. You don't feel an urge for change... but you still don't know who you are. You wait a while, breathe, and give it a month or two.

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