No One Route is Easiest

“Be gentle with yourself, remember you’re still blooming.“

I wrote these words a few months ago, but lately they’ve really resonated with me. As my junior year of high school comes to a close and senior year quickly approaches, it’s been very easy to get caught up in the hype of having it all “figured out”. Everyone around me seems to be sure oftheir future plans while I am not. Yet there’s something comforting in not knowing what lies ahead. Nothing is set in stone and life’s possibilities are endless. 


In the past few months I’ve been asked “where do you plan on going to school?” and “what do you hope to major in?” numerous times, and sometimes an “I don’t know” won’t suffice. I’m terrified because I don’t have a definite answer, yet everyone expects me to have one. In your later years of high school you start to explore your identity, beliefs, and interests. At the same time, there's so much pressure surrounding what we’re all going to do after this is all said and done. I too am still figuring this all out while trying to make sense of it all. My career choice has changed as many times as my hairstyle over the past three years! There is no way I’m going to have something certain right now.

I do have grasp over a substantial career idea, which is to tell stories. One can tell stories in many ways, whether it be through writing, music, film, photography, etc. (I’m fairly “good” at 80% of these things!) I don't feel the need to subject myself to just one of them, when they all go hand in hand. 

And this is more than okay. Art is multi-faceted and so are we as human beings! We should be able to relish in it all, celebrate it, and most of all, create it unto our hearts’ desires! 

At the core of telling stories is vulnerability. We let go of our innermost thoughts and manifest them into something tangible. Yes, this is hard to fathom at times; honestly, telling strangers about your fears and personal struggles can be a very scary thing. You know what else is scary? Growth. Do you know what else happens when you’re vulnerable with yourself? YOU GROW! Growth is such a beautiful thing and should not be taken for granted whatsoever! As you grow you experience so many wonderfulthings, wonderful people, and wonderful ideas that will ultimately lead you to become the person you’re meant to be (YOUR MOST AUTHENTIC SELF). THAT, MY FRIENDS, IS LIBERATING !  

When you are most you, when you are SO you, the right people will begin to come! A year ago I was praying for a group of people to help me grow by helping each other grow, by lifting each other up, and by being the women we were meant to be. I became surrounded by these people and more, but I first had to want it for myself. IT ALL STARTS WITH YOU! Look within, find your passion, find your interests and don't be afraid to fail either. We all make mistakes , and that's okay. We’re not all on the same path , but we are BLOOMING AT OUR OWN RATE! So look where you are and embrace it. Embrace every phase, every hardship, every triumph—because they are all components to your story. They are what will mold you into your most authentic self! 

And before I go, I will leave with this quote from Nayyirah Waheed: 

“Be easy, take your time. You are coming home to yourself.”