“chop suey”: a name that literally means “bits and pieces.”

CHOP SUEY is a Chinese-style dish made up of an assortment of vegetables and meat. Its name literally means “bits and pieces.”

SUEY began in September 2017 as an art collective for Asian American artists in the Bay Area. As the idea developed, its creators decided to recycle the organization’s efforts into an online publication for the greater community of artists of color. Its namesake, “chop suey”, in its representation of diversity and assortment, became a metaphor for our vision: to display “bits and pieces” of artists’ communities based in a variety of places, and to put artists of color at the forefront of mainstream conversation. Thus, the name stuck, and SUEY magazine was born.

We hope that readers will take the time to observe the limitless amount of talent, creativity, and insight found in communities of color- all of which have historically been appropriated and dismissed by pop culture and the media. Thank you for your support. It all starts from just being here.