Stanzas For Outsiders


Today my professor told me,

being human is enough.

You don’t have to be special.


As if that’s something I already knew how to do.

I don’t have the tools required

to become like everyone else,

to transform into a state of contentment

at the snap of a finger.


I stay awake late into the next morning pondering the things 

these normal people possess

and how I can imitate them. 


The things I long to say are too deep

and at times I feel so pretentious

I can hear the ghost of Holden knocking on my skull,

wrapping his voice around my ears and whispering,

you are such a phony.


One night I had a vivid image

plastered in my brain while I slept

and in that image was me,

standing on a mountain

and releasing every unsaid word I had.


It surprised me,

that never before had I realized

the power of my voice.

The lengths to which it could extend

and the volume that it held:

enough to scream,

enough to cover distances

greater than average 

and more times than once

was a feat in itself.


Why do you fear your power?

In you is the language

that can unlock mysteries

and rattle brains,

confuse and wrinkle

anyone who tries to 

comprehend you

or what you have to say