A Letter from the Editor


Dear Readers,

This month kicks off the remastered, online version of SUEY magazine! After a seismic four years with WOKEN, we have decided to change our focus and brand to better suit the pieces we want to publish in the coming years. Thank you for sticking with us!

June and July 2018 bring us invention: the beauty in creation, the question of the importance of originality (and authenticity), and the things that inspire us to continue producing work, whether it's work we may or may not be proud of. In the fashion world, big name clothing brands have historically claimed cultural trends as their own; the appropriation of black culture is a mere example of this. Another example of this phenomenon is outlined in this essay by Eddie Huang, which discusses the discrepancy between the very true stories of his biography and the frivolous, white-washed versions of this same story that Fresh Off the Boat's producers and directors were willing to tell. Artists of color have always had an arduous time navigating a creative world that was not built for them to succeed, their work constantly (and to their perpetual frustration) being repackaged in more "digestible" ways-- a storyline that more suits the humor of non-Asian audiences, for instance, or hairstyles made for and by black people on white models.

I hope, with this issue, that readers can feel more empowered by a) drawing from the work of young artists of color, and b) experiencing what it’s like to have a magazine that was made to suit their creative needs, whether that involves providing inspiration or projecting the message that artists of color, too, can be taken seriously, and can find their own pockets of space in an otherwise claustrophobic and disenfranchising art world. June and July will bring interviews, photography, paintings, and writing from some of the most ingenious painters, photographers, musicians, and writers of color out there, as well as opportunities to explore the raw ingenuity and brave truths of those who hail from marginalized communities.



Angela <3