Dear Women of Color


dear Women of Color,

it is okay that you are not white.

let me repeat that again: it is okay that you are not white, even if everyone tells you otherwise.

history will you tell you otherwise.

most art will tell you otherwise.

but even so,

know that it is okay that you are not white.

they will claim your culture, mark your land, and you might feel invaded without even knowing it, but

put your arms up strong like your mother taught you how,

hands, calloused and bruised from the years you’ve spent in a battle you didn’t know you were fighting,

open the lips that have learned to protect you on their own, without the help of brute force

and say

it is okay that I am not white. 

i am loved and can feel loved

they look at my skin and believe that

the color in it takes up too much space to soak up someone else’s

but I say that if my skin

can inhale light from staying in the sun too long;

and if my hands callous from writing too much

then the color in them is not “too much”,

it is Invincible.