Editor's Letter: Redefinition

Dear Reader,

Hello, happy new year, and welcome to the 2017 reboot of WOKEN!

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After a long and strenuous journey filled with an assortment of both technical and technological issues, we’ve made it to the new year- and I’m so glad you’re here.

This month’s issue is Redefinition: malleability, flexibility, growth, and painting over old concrete. Does the word “definition” still indicate stasis when it’s been proven, time and time again, that room for change is omnipresent? That REdefinition exists? Identity is always in flux, and I am a firm believer in the fact that we are always changing ourselves. Uncovering a distinct definition of who WE are isn’t really a destination as much as it is a concept we’d like to hold onto as we move through an amorphous, dynamic world. So being defined is the opposite of something like, say, having ennui, or expressing uncertainty as we morph and evolve. We move with certainty, is what I’m saying, we CHANGE with certainty.. And this process is one that must be thought about as we enter these next four years.

For March, we’ll be talking about forms of innovation within the POC art world and within POC cultures: underground rap scenes, people on our radar who we’ve added to WOKEN’s list of heroes because of their tendency to “change the game” and somehow make their ideas work. For April, we’ll be talking about movement. What’s evolution? How do we continue to grow when we think we’ve come to a screeching stop? How do we overcome writer’s block, for instance, or the “activist’s struggle”?

And--speaking of redefinition--there will be a lot of that happening with WOKEN this year. Local events, a print edition, a new online platform, collaborations, interviews… there’s a lot coming your way. Look out, world!