A Letter from the Editor


Dear Readers,

It’s safe to say that things have been fucking GREAT for artists of color over the last two months. And by great, I mean relative to us--not within the whitewashed, grand narrative of this country’s mainstream media. What with Travis Scott’s album going gold in only a week after its release, films spotlighting both the historic and daily plights of the black community and its activists (BlacKkKlansman! Blindspotting! Sorry To Bother You!), and the creation of box-office successes starring the first Asian American protagonists in years (Crazy Rich Asians! Searching! To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before!), this summer has proven itself to be very promising for marginalized communities’ work, careers, messages, and values. We only hope that the cultural landscape stays this way, spurring the promulgation of these stories without the public’s typically-cavalier attitudes and reactions to these types of narratives.

However, while the diversity in these films of the summer have proven not to hinder the success of said-films (and our September-October issue will indeed serve as a reflection of this work), it is also important for us to include a glimpse into the politics, art, and culture of the future: to shed light on what might be prophesied for our society. There has been so much cultural progress yet so little political change; white women are still calling the police on black children for selling water, white men are putting youths of color in headlocks for playing music too loudly, and white cops are only now beginning to be charged guilty for murder after killing unarmed black teens. It is only natural for this issue to represent the Indefinite: fear (and beauty) in the uncertainty, the terror and hope that lies in unwritten futures, the disappointment that occurs when things don’t go how we expect, and the overwhelming happiness that fills us when they do. We hope that the content we’ve curated and set to publish over the next two months--another round of interviews, articles, opinion pieces, and featured artwork--will cover all of this theme’s bases.

I hope you enjoy what is to come. Happy Fall!