Dear Taylor...

Dear Taylor, 

There's always room for improvement. Especially regarding feminism. 

Not too long ago, you and Nicki had a debate over Twitter and although you said you understand now, I would like to explain how your tweets were perceived by intersectional feminists. 

Although I cannot generalize for every intersectional feminist, the same opinions stand. You said “it's unlike [Nicki] to pit women against each other”, but Nicki wasn't pitting slim and thick women against each other at all; she was indirectly calling out the sizeism, anti-blackness, and misogyny within the music industry. 

Within the music industry, you must know that you are a part of the dominant group. As a white woman with a slim body, you fit the Euro-centric standards of beauty that are held in America. Nicki and Beyonce—who are both in the same category— do not, which makes them a minority. They have to work even harder to be successful in an industry that doesn't favor them, cater to them, and ultimately wasn't made for them. 

You have been silent in all other conversations regarding feminism that don't directly involve you. You haven't made a public statement about issues that don't directly affect middle class white women. This makes you a "white feminist.” Not all white women who are feminists are "white feminists”; only those who aren't intersectional are within this group. Intersectional Feminists speak out about issues regarding race and gender. Where were your tweets about issues women of color face? Issues Queer and Trans women face? You only spoke up when you perceived Nicki's tweet as an insult. Other White Feminists include Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Emma Watson, and more. By excluding the issues these women face, you and other White Feminists don't serve as the fully functioning feminists you have the potential to be. One major issue you can speak about is the upcoming Stonewall Movie. The lead characters are white cis males who are suppose to be the face of the revolution. This isn't true. Hollywood wants to wash out the people of color and trans people and some who identify as both: people who were ACTUALLY the leaders of the revolution. I urge you to step up, because without intersectionality your feminism is helping no one but yourself and those who look like you.

Due to your influence in society you could reach thousands, and serve as an influential ally. Be involved with #BlackLivesMatter! Don't think that just because gay marriage is legalized the fight is over! Don't let society erase trans people! Be a feminist who combats ableism, sizeism, racism, sexism, and homophobia. Stand up for the injustices. 

There’s always room for improvement.